Sara Wong
Product Design

Typeface / Fashion / Gifs / Motion / Branding / Photography / Exhibition
Bookcover Design

How might you design the cover of your autobiography?

Problem Space

The purpose of the book would be to bring perspective to struggling and successful designers on why they should never forget to play by their own rules; explained through anecdotes from my life.

This concept guided the design of the book cover giving it a sense of calm and craft. I wanted the reader to feel personal but yet lighthearted, delightful, and fun.  

Design Process

In 2010, scientists strongly believed that giraffes couldn't swim due to their biological structure; long necks and short legs. Since then, extensive study has gone into answering this burning question. However, yes, giraffe's can swim, but not very well and not very far.

The giraffe swimming in the ocean is a metaphor I hope designers can embedded into their lives. When everyone doubts you, prove them wrong. Do it with grace and embrace the unexpected because life is like the ocean. It's full of wonder and ambiguity, so be fearless and remember to play – by your own rules.


As designers, it's our job to turn constraints and complex problems into elegant, beautiful, and intuitive solutions. However, this space also brings attachment, high stress, and constant uncertainty. During the dark hours, infused with coffee abuse, it's hard to remember fun and why we became designers in the first place.

We did because we love what we do and we give a shit. However, it's important to let shit go, and learn the art of appreciating and embracing constraints while making creative work, play – at all times. This doesn't only save our sanity, it saves the people around us and the work we produce.