Sara Wong
Product Design 
The Problem

Design Under Pressure is a week long workshop created, tragically inspired by the 2017 Mexico earthquake, to bring designers from all over the world e.g. El Salvador, France, Germany, Korea and America to solve for disaster relief. 

What is the role of designers in times of an humanitarian crisis?

Exhibition Press World Design Capital Mexico City 2018
NYCxDesign & Wanted Design 2019
With only 25 hours my team and I designed a campaign called Sí Corror, Sí Grito, Sí Lucho, a urgent call for action translated to Yes We Run, Yes We Shout, Yes We Fight, derived from our insights interviewing local Mexicans affected by the earthquake.

An billboard, gallery exhibition, distribution posters, and deck presentation were created as a result.


Field Research

Interviewed local Mexicans living on of the toughest neighborhoods in Mexico City, América learning about what happened before, during, and after the earthquake.

Collected sound bites from interviews and conducted a workshop with the team to dissect and bring forth the most pressing issues locals shared.  

Design Concept
One of the original concepts the team was drawn to is this concept of everyday ordinary superheros because during the earthquake, the government was completely unprepared. Grassroots resources were created by locals and distrubted on messaging platform WhatsApp to inform each other (1) where people were hurt, (2) where people can go for safety, and (3) the type of immediate essentials people affected by the earthquake needed. We then turned the concept of superheros to anti-heros, focusing on doing the right thing and the importance of humanity during a time of crisis.

No Corror, No Grito, No Empujo is a saying Mexicans are taught growing up on how to react during critical times, translated to No Running, No Shouting, No Pushing

We took this saying and turned it into Sí Corror, Sí Grito, Sí Lucho, creating an impactful and urgent call for action translated to Yes We Run, Yes We Shout, Yes We Fight!

Workshop videoCentro. website explaination

Counter clockwise: Nik (Art Center Berlin), Hailey (Korea), Gabriela (El Salvedor), Colchada (Mexico), Gabriel (Mexico), Rodrigo (Mexico), Eliaenai (Mexico), Me in the center (New York), Nora (Mexico)